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Hof East Farming simulator 17 v1
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Hof East Farming simulator 17 v1


I am very pleased to be able to provide you with my first map today.

Welcome to your new Hof-Morgenland.
Hof-Morgenland is a fictitious map that has been completely rebuilt.

To the map:

Hof-Morgenland is rather a smaller, idyllic map. The map is designed in such a way that
You can also quickly farm a field without helpers. The fields are
Helper-friendly aligned.

On the map awaits you a farmhouse with dairy herds and chickens. Adjacent to the courtyard
There is a pigsty with a hay store, a store for seed, fertilizer and
Liquid fertilizer. Two streets further there is a side yard, with sheep. The side yard offers
Additional space for grass / hay bales.

For your Compostabfälle the map offers a Compostmaster.
If you have an overhang to Compost, the local nursery will gladly take this
Against final money.
There is also a sewage treatment plant on the map. So here you can make your own fertilizer and
You do not have to buy it.

A soy milk production is of course also available and your grain harvest can
You can sell at either Bay-Wa or Agravis.

Other mods are not required.

If you like the map, then please leave me a positive feedback.
I am, of course, also open to criticism and suggestions for improvement.
Please feel free to contact me or write your message in the comments.

Now I wish you a lot of fun on the Hof-Morgenland.

Your stefaan

Modell: stefaan
Idee / Konzept: stefaan
Sonstige:Marhu, Farmer_Andy, arii, NKB-Modding, Nils23, slowtide63, Giants, Kevin98, BlackSheep, RC-Devil

Ich möchte mich bei allen Moddern bedanken deren Objekte ich verbaut habe, aber deren Namen ich nicht mehr zurückverfolgen kann. Bitte eine PN an mich und ich werde es selbstversänlich nachtragen.

  • Tsbteam
    2017-06-05 23:23
    Pas d'autre mot que à chier
  • Yann
    2017-06-06 07:44
    Bravo pour cette belle carte, merci.
  • Heros
    2017-06-06 08:27
    Pour une première carte , c'est très encourageant, je viens de la télécharger et cela fait 2 heures que je travaille dessus, c'est un réel plaisir, bravo et merci pour le partage.
  • Madwolf
    2017-06-07 02:23
    Nice map. having a problem with it saving, probably my end. but nice map just the same.
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