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Holland Landscape 2017 / with mud / mit Schlamm v1.0.0.1
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Holland Landscape 2017 / with mud / mit Schlamm v1.0.0.1

Hello all,
Here a new version of the Holland landscape map.
Read the description.
For english support ask all your questions about this map. click here...
New asphalt texture.
New cows whey added with small production.
Placeable terrain made,  this terrain is buyable.
Fields solved.
Icons on the pda map solved.
New pda map made.
2 extra grain fields available, in your property.
Etc etc

Required Mods:

Option to use, in the map as mod:
Hose System

Map by Claas 950

DM -Testteam

kevink98, Ifko, GtX, Farmer_Andy, Giants Software,Timber131, Eifok-Team, Mailbox: Beunhaas (Twan), Eifok, Fatian: Strassenset, Nick98.1: Schilderset,
El Cid: Foliagelayer, NKB-Modding: Fermenter; Sägewerk kevink98 (Script)Giants

  • Nick
    2018-04-14 03:51
    Nice map but, if there are other mods required for this map to work, please also post links to those mods or at the very least tell people where to get them from.
  • Olivier06
    2018-04-14 09:12
    belle carte ,merci .le mobile milking stand peut se trouver sur farming server,(recherches via google).encore bravo les moddeurs et grand merci
  • Claas950dm
    2018-04-14 11:37
    Olivier06: Merci pour votre complimentJ'ai ajouté le lien des mods dans la description.L'administrateur supprimer les le liens, Je ne peux rien changer à ce sujet.excuses
  • Claas950dm
    2018-04-14 11:39
    Nick: thank you for your compliment.I added the mod link in the description.The administrator remove the links, I can not change anything about it.apology
  • Claas950dm
    2018-04-14 11:41
    Required Mods:mCompanyGraphic https://mysad.de/a2072094MobileMilkingStand http://sharemods.com/g6m1xoe6mz71/FS17_MobileMilkingStand.zip.htmlOption to use, in the map as mod:Hose System http://farming-simulator.com/mod.php?lang=en&country=nl&mod_id=91735&title=fs2017Seasons http://farming-simulator.com/mod.php?lang=en&country=nl&mod_id=79288&title=fs2017
  • Ca


    2018-04-14 17:52
    when does the plummer arrive?
  • Mikemodding
    2018-04-15 00:57
    where is the plumber?
  • Joop
    2018-04-18 03:37
    hold your horses, the plummer is gonna do his job, you don't have to sit and wait for him. it takes some time but he will do it.asswipes.
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