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Holmer Terra Variant 600 ECO Pack v2.6.1
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Holmer Terra Variant 600 ECO Pack v2.6.1


Version 2.6.1
Error when buying with twins wheels fixed (I was in the pendulum recess which escaped, sorry.

I hereby provide my Enhanced version of the "Holmer Terra Variant Pack". I've made some change to give it a more real gameplay and better look. Please read through to the end !!!

What was done ?: V2.0
• via mouse control Animated suction arm (with Colision)
• support wheel under the cabin for road transport, which can be removed by mouse control
• Wheels now close flush with the mudguards
• GPS antenna on the roof
• number plates and 40km / h stickers
• Animated front axle suspension
• Amazone Catros added as a manure cultivator version, with increased application rate (4x)
• for Zunhammer Vibro application rate increased (4x)
• Beet cultivation can now also load potatoes and chopped material
• Dog walk left / All-wheel steering / Doggang right now via CTRL + U / I / O also directly selectable as with Terra DOS
• Amazoe Catrso improves the hose texture
• PIADIN tank and label added to the manure spreader
• Hose tackle on Zunhammer TV adapted to Zunidisc and Catros

In V2.5:
• Texture enhancements and changes
• on the Zunhammer TV the Piadintank is now available in the shop
• Zunhammer TV can also be selected with promotional stickers in the shop (in the folder "Logo" in the Mod-ZIP you will find the texture file if you want to write something else on the sticker)
• Store descriptions partially changed
• Transport axles are now both over X to flaps and have got proper wheels (only in the empty state use during the road center to the field, do not use with full barrel on the field !!!)
• Vancontrol by Zunhammer used as decoration on Zunhammer TV
• V & N Terradisc added as a manure cultivator
• Zunhammer 18500 PE Added (BETA, first cultivator with tractor on drum then hang barrel to Holmer, depend on each save so that the hoses then connect again correctly at the next game start)
• Helpers removed from the Holmer (problems with the transport axes)
• GPS antenna installed on the rear of the TV cabinet
• Lightscript installed
• Cabin lighting installed
• Zunhammer TV now has a level indicator at the front of the barrel
• minor adjustments

• Log error when buying with twin tires fixed

• Helper reinstalled, no problems with the transport axles
• Real light cones removed again
• Slump of the slurry cultivator somewhat lower

• Dog gear reset (work equipment is now running straight)
• Added guard to front support wheel
• Wider tire reared
• IC control for door and Lenrad
• Cabin prepared for future animations
• smaller texture adjustments
• GIANTS sprung suspension axle installed

Scheduled for next version:
• Add the Holmer Terra Variant 600
• other slurry dispensing systems

The RAR file you download must be unpacked and has the following content:
• Holmer Pack V2
• flieglST25000VC Manifold with an increased trigger to be equipped with extended suction arm refills
• Guaranteed field edge container with enlarged trigger to be able to with extended suction arm filling

The barrel and the container I have beaten so that everyone can drive as he wants, experienced modders will be able to convert their own barrels by the two mods.

I wish you lots of fun!
MFG Benny
It is not allowed to upload this mod without my permission new upload or on another side to the Douwnload !

GIANTS, Bjohn14

  • Gator
    2016-12-05 21:15
    Can you please make the tractor travel faster on the road !
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