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Holmer TerraDos T4 30 v3.0
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Holmer TerraDos T4 30 v3.0


Version 3.0
Xenon light has been installed ... new corona
Clear slices + new specular
Decals have been adjusted
Exhaust smoke was made a bit stronger
In the xml one or the other adapted such as daily costs, dirtduration
Potato Ready made
IC Steurung removed because of error on server (If times a version comes the error-free on server runs it again installed)
Rear steering axle animated
6 Herring harvesters
12 Herring harvesters
RoederTrailer for 12 reiher

have times changed the t4_40 you a t4_30.
Ideal for smaller maps.
For now, it is built on standard, but there are still some things to.
IC Steurung etc.
Have fun with it

Modell: GIANTS Software and chrisu70
Textur: chrisu70, Jabba42
Script:Marhu, Ifko, Chefkoch
Idee / Konzept: Umbau auf kleineres Modell @ chrisu70
Tester:mngrazy, Ingo
Sonstige: Indoor @ mngrazy

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    2016-12-09 10:08
    nowhere to be found in the game
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