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Holmer Variant 595 Pack v1.0
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Holmer Variant 595 Pack v1.0

8x8 Holmer Variant 595 Pack for Farming simulator 2017
2017 Whether field logistics or farm fertilizer application: The Terra Variant is the world's most powerful carrier vehicle with sufficient power reserves for every situation.
Power: 655
Maximum Speed: 70
Authors: R&M Modding

R&M Modding

  • Al


    2018-02-18 17:23
    Isn't 70 speed,it is only 42....
  • Hmadsen
    2018-02-19 16:13
    The pack is missing the 36m vogelsang/liquid manure bom, the one from the game makes it hard to drive with, but you can use it, but looking forward to one made specific to this mod
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