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HolmerHR20 from Vaszics
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HolmerHR20 from Vaszics

Cutting heads HolmerHR20
The cutting heads are slightly modified and have been enhanced with increased performance. I also included a storage unit that can be loaded onto the map with GE.
Noris1225 made a great contribution in the compilation!

Vaszics, noris1225

  • Hahaha
    2017-08-12 01:55
    OMG, look at this piece of shit! What a joke of a edit. Way to put out garbage
  • Ra


    2017-08-12 03:08
    Forget the above comment I like it. I could not get it to show up in game. I took all fines out of zipped file and placed them in mods. Each cutter head is a single in shop. I know this is not right. What am I doing wrong. Anyhow I have used them and they work fine. Collision is very sensitive and will stop your vehicle 5ft from object. Anyhow I like the concept. I do not know why the zipped mod is not showing up in game.
  • Dedebzh
    2017-08-12 04:11
    De la Grosse Merde !!!! Elle n'est même pas dans le jeu !!!!
  • Vaszics
    2017-08-12 07:13
    Hi KI!In the part loaded on the net, the cutting heads are in the libraries. The contents of the libraries must be loaded in a single compressed format (.zip) into the MOD directory, they will work well. In the case of running games, the new cutting heads must be marked. The cutting heads are displayed in the MISC directory.
  • Vaszics
    2017-08-12 07:18
    Hi HAHAHA and DEDEBZH!Responding to you, I would have a suggestion. Do not cut the cutting heads, rather clean the crop with the cutting heads you have made or modified.
  • O my god
    2017-08-12 14:48
    Full scrap, sry the helper turns in the middle of the field and the collision is also not removed. O my God
  • Vaszics
    2017-08-12 16:00
    Hi O MY GOD!I'm so sorry that this happened to you. After several hours of testing, I can say that the mistakes you have made during harvesting did not occur. Anyway, if bugs come, I'll fix it.
  • Alain1968
    2017-08-13 10:41
    salut a vous joueur.j'ai télécharger le mods et il fonctionne pas
  • Vaszics
    2017-08-13 11:41
    Salut ALAIN1968!Les têtes de coupe dans le paquet compriment individuellement (ZIP), puis placez le répertoire MOD. Il fonctionnera.
  • Alain1968
    2017-08-13 12:02
    merci VASZICS je vais effacer le mods et le recharger et faire comme tu me la dit en espèrent qu'il va fonctionner.
  • Alain1968
    2017-08-13 13:30
    VASZICS jarrive pas tampis
  • Vaszics
    2017-08-13 14:01
    ALAIN1968 Salut!Cette adresse e-mail [email protected] un enailt et je vais envoyer en réponse à des modes de compression. Vaszics
  • Alain1968
    2017-08-13 14:37
    merci adresse mail envoyer a l'adresse que tu ma donner la.
  • Alain1968
    2017-08-13 16:01
    merci VASZICS le mods fonctionne :)
  • Vaszics
    2017-08-13 16:20
  • Alain1968
    2017-08-13 17:21
    merci encore
  • Dedebzh
    2017-08-13 18:33
    j'ai essayer de conpresser les fichiers un part un ça marche tjrs pas !!!les gars quand vous faites des mods essayer de faire des bons fichiers et dossiers !!! lol ;)
  • Vaszics
    2017-08-13 19:03
    DEDEBZH Salut!Qui pensez-vous que le partage de fichiers.
  • Grosse merde
    2017-08-14 15:31
    marche pas fdp
  • Toto
    2017-08-14 17:32
    It would not be bad, but it does not seem to be in the shop! Someone would explain how to put this in and where?
  • Vaszics
    2017-08-14 21:03
    Hi TOTO!Separately separate the machines (ZIP) and then put them individually in the MOD directory. You can find it at MISC in the shop.
  • Vaszics
    2017-08-14 21:06
    Salut GROSSE MERDE!Ce ne serait pas mal, mais ça ne semble pas être dans le magasin! Quelqu'un expliquerait comment mettre cela et où?
  • Chaoskenny
    2017-08-15 20:41
    I cant seem to get this to work. I took each Header folder out of its original Zipped file. Then took each contents of the individual header folder and zipped them, then placed them in my mods directory and they still do not work. So I ended up withFS17_holmerHR20WC.zipFS17_holmerHR20SB.zipFS17_holmerHR20RC.zipFS17_holmerHR20P.zipFS17_holmerHR20O.zipFS17_holmerHR20L.zipFS17_holmerHR20C.zipwhat am i Doing wrong?
  • Chaoskenny
    2017-08-15 20:43
    Why did you not just make one header file? Seems everyone is having this issue.
  • Vaszics
    2017-08-15 22:27
    Hi CHAOSKENNY!I know it was silly to ask.Libraries FS17_holmerHR20C, FS17_holmerHR20L, FS17_holmerHR20O, FS17_holmerHR20P, FS17_holmerHR20RC, FS17_holmerHR20SB, FS17_holmerHR20WC) must be compressed (ZIP) individually and then copied to the MOD directory. In the shop you can find the cutting heads in the MISC directory. Excuse me.
  • Vaszics
    2017-08-16 00:47
    HiI've fixed my bugs and uploaded version 1.1.SalutJe corrige mes erreurs et téléchargé à la version 1.1!HalloIch korrigierte meine Fehler und hochgeladen auf Version 1.1!CiaoHo corretto i miei errori e caricato alla versione 1.1!CześćPoprawiłem moje błędy i dodane do wersji 1.1!приветЯ исправил свои ошибки и загружен до версии 1.1!
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