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Holmfarming US v1.4
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Holmfarming US v1.4

Hello community, Holmfarming is also in 2017 at the start!

Version 1.4
- Gates
- Smaller things

- Güllerperperator
- Seed & Fertilizer Silos

Now Holmfarming US on the rebuilt Goldcrest Valley

What was done:
A whole new farm was laid out, and the old rotted away.
There the Sojamilchfabrik found their place and other things from the Sosnovka.

New farm with lots of space:
Cow pasture
Water silo
Straw storage
SilageMaster + Silage Bunker

New vehicle shop, location old cow pasture
Vehicle sale old location!

Vehicle Seat:
Heavy load rack
Biomass storage and machine room
Hof petrol station
Various decorations placed
Various smaller things

Mods installed:
SeedMaster 2k17 - Credits: Scripts: Marhu (LS15), kevinK98 (LS17), Mod: Farmer_Andy
Sawmill V1.0.1 - Credits: kevink98 (script), Marhu (Script LS15), fasi (pallet) Giants (Building LS15)
Chopped Straw - Credits: webalizer
AdditionalMapTypes Version - Credits: BlackSheep
Seed & Fertilizer Camp 2.0 - Credits: Nils23
Sojamilch Production 1.0.2 - Credits: slowtide63
MilchTrigger v1.2.0 - Credits: kevink98 (script), Marhu (parts from the Liquidtrigger LS15), Giants (Triggermarker)
RealTime v2.1.0 - Credits: Marhu
Stop milk sale - Credits: BlackSheep

Windrad (old style) - Credits:
Idea: ancient
Objects: GIANTS (http://www.ls-mods.de/fs13TitaniumAddonAssets.php)
Convert and Adjustments: Land-Eg

Animated Heavy Load Shelf - Credits: San_Andreas
Cow silo was installed as a court silo! - Credits: (Mod) farmerads, (rebuilding) Hasco
SilageMaster x1200 - Credits: (Script): kevink98, (LS15): Mahru (Model): Giants (Construction): Hasco
Animated Zaumtor - Credits: (Mod) auwgl, (Customizations) Hasco
Wolfsystem Biomasselager und Maschinenhalle - Credits: Vertex Dezign, Katsuo - Agrarteam Franconia
Indoor package - Credits: Vertex Dezign, Agrarteam Franconia
Lighting - Credits: Niggels - VertexDezign

Current scripts: Fabrikscript v2.1.4 / AdditionalTriggers v1.0.4
Credits: kevink98 / Marhu

From which Modder I have what is installed in the Credids listed!
(Should I have forgotten one or the other, once report and will be added)
This mod can be uploaded elsewhere, only with my Uploaded.net link!
The map has only been tested in SP!
If you want to support this mod, download it via the Uploaded Link!
Mistakes are there to fix you!

Modell: Giants, VertexDezign, tjdinmaine
Script: Marhu, kevink98, BlackSheep, Niggels, Balu_AutoDrive
Idee / Konzept: BlackSheep, Agrarteam Franken, Hasco

  • Vernon
    2017-02-11 21:59
    the guy that made the last video showed us all how to push the front loader down highway lol
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