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Honda rancher 420 v1.0.0.0
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Honda rancher 420 v1.0.0.0

Hi, this is an edit of the fdr logging quad i put mud wheels on it and added a snorkel as well as changed the color, if there is any issues just tell me in the comments i made some changes in the xml file and not sure if it will work for you guys but it does for me. And just for this mod i'm going to give you guys a modhub download cause i don't want to get sued for making money off something i don't own :)

FDR Logging, Moses Gaming

  • Mosesgamin
    2020-11-12 23:23 Send message
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    Please just tell me if there is an error with the mod and i will fix the xml file. have a great time with the mod :).
  • Yo


    2020-11-13 13:22
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    can there be a stock version that can be equiped?
    • Mosesgamin
      2020-11-14 00:24 Send message
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      Quick update I made the stock version of the 420 and now Im just waiting for it to be verified than feel free to download it
  • Mosesgamin
    2020-11-13 22:23 Send message
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    I can make a v2 if you want and if you need a stock version i can make one but idk how to make configureations yet but that is what i'm learning atm
  • Good mod
    2020-11-16 10:48
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    Can u make these for fs19?
  • Yes


    2020-11-16 19:10
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    yea ill convert it soon and i will post itbtw i just didnt feel like logging in on my school chrome book
  • Gi


    2020-12-09 20:30
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    Not to be mean but that is not a honda but love the idea
    • Mosesgamin
      2020-12-14 14:15 Send message
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      no shit lol its a grizzly
  • Name
    2020-12-31 15:48
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    make it for fs19 please!!!!!!
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