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Hopfenbachtal v1.1
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Hopfenbachtal v1.1

Herewith I provide you with the Map Hopfenbachtal
A short description:
There are 48 fields of different size,
Several fenced meadows,
Traffic on the map, a village,
Various sales points,
a BGA, where space is also available for placeable objects,
a sawmill,
And what will stand out especially, there is a lot of forest.
The map is also Chopped straw Ready
A few more information about the map:
Since the car dealer does not have a large sales area, do not buy too many vehicles and equipment, but you have to rank.
The animal dealer is located on the forecourt at BayWa on the premises.
All the fences have collisions in it, but one comes everywhere pure and was also tested.
And the map has a slightly hilly terrain.
Update in the V1.1:
The game has been moved, floating trees removed, water triggers in the cows slightly moved., Grass in the hall at BGA removed, Collision in the camp adjusted, PDA adapted, problem solved fixed, GMK mod added, pedestrians inserted into the village, salesstrigger fixed, salesstrigger for Straw inserted, and still more trifles.
Support is available here!

I would like to thank the team who helped me to get the map ready and to test it
Models and textures using: Eribus, Kevink98, Niggels, Ltw Farming, Team Wild, Steffen30muc, fuqart, Giants software, and many more .... (who wants to be called personally, should log in please)

PDA was created by TT-modding
The map may be placed on another page, but only under Origianl Downlodlink !!
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