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Horsch Agrovation Vehicles Edited By Stevie
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Horsch Agrovation Vehicles Edited By Stevie

2017 Horsch Agrovation Vehicle set Dyeable and with Race for Life Pink added to the colour selection. In the download links now. Extra Fuel and Beaver Creek HMilk shuttle zips included. Sowing machines with extended fruit planting 2 of each model. Challenger Tractors left untouched. Unzip the downloaded file and place the new 3 new zips into your mods folder. If you do not have the Beaver Creek V1D map do not place the Hmilk Shuttle zip into your mods folder.

Donation link: paypal.me/StevieFSMods


  • Sturdy
    2018-02-26 17:47
    author:GIANTS Software,BY STEVIE
  • .....
    2018-02-26 23:01
    Have to admit STEVIE pretty good with mods...but thats the key word is but..he needs to work on his crying and fit pitching when someone takes mods and uploads them to a website if he does not want the mods out stop posting them on Facebook
  • Whitelion
    2018-02-27 02:28
    Thank you Stevie. This is a great pack and I appreciate it. You really have been releasing some nice packs.
  • Name
    2018-03-06 03:37
    Thank you Giants for this wonderful pack NOT stevie
  • Steveo
    2018-05-05 02:42
    Nice one Stevie. You edited the performance to make them faster. This is a cheat mod, lol.
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