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Horsch Maestro and Amazone Condor v1.0
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Horsch Maestro and Amazone Condor v1.0

Mod Update. Delete the old versions from your mod folder. Unzip the package and place the 3 zips into your mod folder.
Here's the Horsch Maestro and Amazone Condor with adjusted seeds and fertilizer. I have also changed the AI field end turning circles on both to reduce it and allow for a tighter turn with far less space required. Again they are dyeable and can plant all fruits.
Revised Pickup with 1.42 models and xml. Pink added into colour choice.
Pickup Supply truck added. This can supply Fertilizer, Liquid Fertilizer, Seeds and Diesel plus it has a free water trigger as well.

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    2017-09-11 13:10
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    author: GIANTS Software,Stevie
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