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Horsch Pronto 15m v1.1
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Horsch Pronto 15m v1.1

Here the Horsch Pronto18m converted from LS15.

Version 1.1
Mistake in sowing eliminated.

Since it has the working width of 15m (was also in the LS15 so), I renamed them the same.
1) choice of color
2) All Standard Fruit
3) volume 10000

Rall I, Rubberduck2

  • Deafgamer
    2016-11-15 04:30
    Has the sowing speed been reduced? It goes too fast and swings out of control. 12 or lower would be better, 15 or higher is too much.
  • Deafgamer
    2016-11-15 15:05
    What's with all that dirt animation flying around the seeder? Even while moving on concrete ground?? Looks like Dirty Linus from Charlie Brown. LOL
  • Chicken19
    2016-11-21 00:48
    15mph does great when u hire a worker. GREAT JOB...
  • Sbylfc
    2016-12-13 18:23
    I love this mod .don't lstn to the nay sayrs qa.r u going to make it mp competable ?the seed door don't open on mp thanks for the hard work u do for us.shay
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