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Hose System v1.1.0.0
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Hose System v1.1.0.0

With a liquid manure hose you are able to pump a liquid fill type from source to target. If applicable you could extend the liquid manure hose to reach larger ranges.

Changelog v1.1.0.0:
- Fixed double insertion of specializations (double input bug)
- Big script optimization and performance improvements
- Docking support
- Fillarm support
- Empty object slowly when manure flow is open
- Parkoffset threshold

Required Mods:
- Zunhammer SKE 18.5 PUD (By: Wopster)
- Fliegl STF 25000 VC (By: Wopster)
- Kotte FRC (By: Wopster)

Wopster and Xentro

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