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HoT Storagesystem v1.2 Placeable
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HoT Storagesystem v1.2 Placeable

HoT Storage System

3 different Shelfs for Storaging -> Pallets or other Tools

Little (Pallet)
Price: 5000 €
Maintenance: 3 € / day
Price: 7500 €
Maintenance: 4 € / day
Price: 10000 €
Maintenance: 5 € / day

Please keep the Original Downloadlink

Script: Giants

  • Faelandaea
    2016-11-28 10:41
    UL.to is not a valid or legit site. It is a spam site riddled with viruses, adware and malware ... AND the site tells you that you have to drop your computer's security safeguards just to download a file. No thanks. There's already some nice shelves out by a legit modder on a legit site.
  • Daniel
    2017-05-13 17:58
    this a very nice mod but when je put the pallets on the rack. butt when je put the rack on his place the pallets folling down meby you can make its that the product stay on the rack thanks daniel
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