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HTS 100 Rsonic30 v1.0
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HTS 100 Rsonic30 v1.0

today Moin ls and DDR friends I once the hts 100 for ls17 for you.
Filling volume at 10,000 liter.
füllstansanzeigeht funsoinert.
it and beilbt shit comprehensive one!
water I have in front with a tie in the hts
washable; No.

Modell: Rafi/Adrin
Textur: Rafi/Adrin
Script: Sanddart ls17
Idee / Konzept: Rafi/Adrin/Rsonic30
Tester: Rsonic30
Sonstige: Rsonic30

  • Psmodding
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    Very nice mod!
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