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HTS Gulle/Wasser Pack von AAA v1.0
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HTS Gulle/Wasser Pack von AAA v1.0

HTS slurry / water pack from AAA, rebuilt and engineered by Franky.

As promised, the HTS pack comes from AAA Modding, from me overworked and provided with animations (I have allowed release 1f609.png ;-) and was also approved, thanks also goes to Hewaaa for support), here to the DL.

It is actually only for PC, it was not tested on PS4 or XBox and I take over, if you use it, no guarantee.

Please unpack the folder and insert the individual files into your mods folder, then you can buy the tube system (we recommend 3m tubes). You can then attach these on the HTS Jauche keg.
The pack contains the pants system by Wobster u. the FS 17 HTS Modpack from AAA Modding.

I hope you enjoy it, LG Franky

LG Franky

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