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Hungary by Vaszics
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Hungary by Vaszics

The map parameters:
4x map
The initial game is equipped with a basic program I converted and supplied equipment. ZIP files for this package must be copied to the MOD
Each field from the outset owned by the player.
The one field is all grass. From here you can provide the grass for the animals.
The plants of various shops and other objects are prefixed marked on the map, and information fields.
The significance of this to get a complete picture of that object which fruits are necessary and what can be sold in stores.
In management, the size of the received prices depend on the transmission distance and difficulty of the approach.
The traffic propose to turn because it enjoyable.
Factories and sales outlets, the discovery of objects in the player's task is to find the map.
Have fun!


  • Sdl
    2017-01-14 22:31
    quelle horreur
  • Juju
    2017-01-15 00:07
    Attention voici myster VASZICS,avec ses maps démesurées et celle ci est affreuse !................Attention here myster VASZICS, with its maps disproportionate and this one is awful!
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-01-15 07:02
    Hi VASZICS... Well !!!! you always get one or more that do not like your style Maps. But I would like to say, I was hoping you were going to give us a map for Ver 17. thanks, Now if we can get some way to Automate these Trains, that would be Great, ( to load and unload crop to get movement from depot to depot then the sell point.) That would be a FEAT. Bob.
  • Vaszics
    2017-01-15 09:35
    Dear SDL and Juju!Dear SDL and Juju!I read the reviews and I would make a few critical remarks.SDL He wrote terrible. If you could have more detail. What is terrible. Juju wrote that it is also a terrible and disproportionate. The map is preparing think it compromises need to be set. Here, for example, a country Teles tried to bring a map. If anyone here is able to keep the proportionality of miracles. The essence of the game, the production and the sale is not dented.
  • Vaszics
    2017-01-15 09:36
    Only once again, I can say my map is certainly better than that of the original maps arréb penetrate a house, and writes, I did.Thank you for your comments and I ask you, try it, because after all, this is a game.
  • Vaszics
    2017-01-15 09:42
    Hey Bob!He made a map so slowly, it gets worse, I see. I tried to do something different than a standard map. It is my opinion that, apart from a few rare exceptions to the FS15 to play better. I will try to incorporate your proposal. If you have trouble, please write.
  • [lspt]gery
    2017-01-15 16:21
    Bocs, de ez sértő a magyar Farmingos közösségre nézve, inkább töröld a francba, ez egy gány fos, már bocs. Ez az őszinte véleményem. Inkább töröld a Farmingot. Köszi!
  • Vaszics
    2017-01-15 18:36
    Kedves GERY!Tiszteletben tartom a véleményedet, annak ellenére, hogy meglehetősen közönséges. A magyar Farmingos közösség nevében beszélsz, ami ugye nem létezik. Csak játékosok vannak, akik játszanak különböző jól vagy kevésbé jól megszerkesztett pályákon. Egy elképzelés ami megvalósult, ha nem tetszik, akkor ne használd, hanem TÖRÖLD le. Tisztelettel Vaszics.
  • Juju
    2017-01-15 21:40
    @ vazics,fait donc une petite carte,pas la peine de faire dans le gigantisme [email protected] Vazics, so makes a small map, not worth doing in the gigantism
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