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Hungary by Vaszics v1.1
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Hungary by Vaszics v1.1

Hungary by 1.1 Vaszics

1.1 changes:
- Expansion of the DigitaleAnzeige1 digital display (past and on) 9 character
- Installation of the DigitaleAnzeige1 digital display (past and on):
o W01_Storage_Centrum
o W05_Farmsilo_Centrum
o W06_Farmgrass_Centrum
o-W07 Farm_manure_Centrum
- Expansion of storage capacity liters 999 999 999
- The file FS17_GrowthControl.zip the fruits of growth to slow down
- A map to replace the entire water surface
- New players to the car wash installation of the missing files had defaultVehicles.xml
- Landscaping

Earlier data:
The map parameters:
4x map
The initial game is equipped with a basic program I converted and supplied equipment. ZIP files for this package must be copied to the MOD
Each field from the outset owned by the player.
The one field is all grass. From here you can provide the grass for the animals.
The plants of various shops and other objects are prefixed marked on the map, and information fields.
The significance of this to get a complete picture of that object which fruits are necessary and what can be sold in stores.
In management, the size of the received prices depend on the transmission distance and difficulty of the approach.
The traffic propose to turn because it enjoyable.
factories and sales outlets, the discovery of objects in the player's task is to find the map.
Have fun!


  • Sdl


    2017-01-16 23:11
    map de merde pour un moddeur de merde enfin moddeur faut et pas un moddeurs pour faire un truc comme ca !!!!
  • Sdl


    2017-01-16 23:13
    Map of shit for a shit modde finally moddeur and not a modders to do a trick like that !!!!
  • Dragan
    2017-01-18 13:38
    pleas honda seeder convert for fs 17
  • Vaszics
    2017-01-18 17:09
    Dear DRAGAN!What do you think about the HONDA drill?
  • Vaszics
    2017-01-18 17:13
    Dear SDL!I ask you now to teeth that morning when you write your opinion?
  • Santo0077
    2017-01-19 18:11
    Hello, I found a mistake on the map, the tera-vitesse only picks straw in one direction.
  • Vaszics
    2017-01-20 08:43
    Dear SANTO0077 !Javaslatom. A szalmát a kombájn után a FollowMe segédprogrammal szedd fel. Ehhez szükséges az általam mellékelt fs17_fendt1000_steph33_v1_3 traktor és a FS17_Krone_ZX550GD_Landei pótkocsi. Pótkocsi kapacitás beállítva! Jó szórakozást!
  • Santo0077
    2017-01-20 13:01
    Ok, thanks.
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