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Huvenhoops Integrale 2017 v1.0
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Huvenhoops Integrale 2017 v1.0

Welcome to beautiful Huvenhoops!
Map patterned on different regions of Central Europe. Mainly Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany
Fields are big but possible to play even by yourself, alone. Varied shapes, terrain and interesting textures make it not boring quickly!
The map has a connecting style, older and newer trends in agriculture. 1 big farm, BGA and places for all animals are waiting for you :)
Map works very well on Low Poly PC.
Enjoy the game and please keep my download link!


  • Name
    2017-04-09 19:07
    can you make the fields buyable plz, it makes the map very boring if you own all the field from the start.
  • Sturdy
    2017-04-09 19:51
    на 9 поле,когда подъезжаешь к краю поля,выкидывает из игры!!!
  • Name
    2017-04-11 03:31
    you can do that yourself in the xml. change field ownership to false
  • Pat28
    2017-04-12 19:40
    belle carte mais les points de vente ne payent pas les livraisons !
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