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IFA W50 TwoInOne v1.0
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IFA W50 TwoInOne v1.0

Here my IFA W50 TwoInOne (Service / saddle) TSL LS17clean

*not washable
* Working light forward
* IC control for trailer, tarp and wheels
* Serviceflaeche faded (IC)
* Plane faded (IC)
* Trigger rear: seed (permanent), fuel (permanent)
* 2 wheelsets (IC)
* Attacher: behind normal / low, forward normal skamler semitrailer
* ... And other details

Have fun with it ... TheSecretLife

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Textur: TSL
Script: TSL
Idee / Konzept: TSL
Tester: TSL

  • Tammuz
    2016-11-01 06:03 Send message
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    This mod behave strangely.... Needs further work. A lot of it.
  • Grossy
    2017-01-05 21:35 Send message
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    Errors out and can't quit the game after mod is purchased.
  • Guido
    2017-02-14 21:18 Send message
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    Die Optik ist wie bei allen W50 tip top. nur der Sound,der geht gar nicht. Würde mich freuen wenn du das ändern würdest. Danke
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