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Im Osten Deutschlands v1.0.0
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Im Osten Deutschlands v1.0.0

Welcome to the East

Here you will find more than 30 fields.
- Farm: Cow and Pig Breeding (Factory Script)
- Courtyard: Normals cows and pigs
- Farm: sheep, chickens
- Courtyard: cereal farm
- Brewery: apples, cherries, wheat / barley. Produces beer, schnapps
- Bakery: wheat, barley Produces bread
- Butcher: chickens, pigs, cows Produces meat
- Apple Tree: Produces apple palettes
- Kirschbaum: Produces cherry pallets
- straw pellets: (input: straw, output: straw pellets)
- Dairy: Input milk Produced: milk pallet, cheese pallet, yogurt pallet
- sawmill: input tree trunks Produces: boards
- Grain silos: All cereals, seeds, fertilizers, manure, potatoes, sugar beet, pig feed, feed mix

- Universal Kotte
- Animal Trailer (https://www.file-upload.net/download-12951942/zzz_joskinAnimal.zip.html)

Have fun playing
your TuneWar
GDR advisor Thomas Steinert

DDR Map, mit Produktionen

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