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IMT 5131 winch skidder v1.0
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IMT 5131 winch skidder v1.0

This skidder has a working cable winch. It has the newest winch lua script in it.
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Timber131,Vex90,modelleicher, Pero99 & Jukka, Johny9188 for new winch mod added to it

  • Herk
    2017-06-20 04:59
    Awesome mod :)There's only one thing I'd like fixed please is that I have my game set so the hand or the machine stay in place on a hill. But find that it moves down the hill if You get out of machine could you fix please.
  • Dan


    2017-06-22 20:18
    need on xbox one
  • Mike
    2018-01-22 00:24
    I edited the xml file, gave it more power, also edit so it can winch more trees, can winch and skid 15 or more good size trees at a time, Love this skidder.
  • Mike
    2018-01-22 00:27
    You can also edit the file for the brakes so it doesn't move so easily after you have stopped. Pretty stable on the hills now.
  • Ghost farmer47
    2018-08-26 18:45
    Some of your mods do not work, such as the Plymouth Cuda! I was enjoying the Cuda and then I parked it next to the Impala and El Camino and tried to get out and the Cuda Locked up my game! I enjoy your mods, but maybe you can fix the Cuda, so I can enjoy it again?
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