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Income Mod for Standard Fruit v1.7
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Income Mod for Standard Fruit v1.7

Hey guys,

Version 1.7
Yields of the fruit varieties in each case set extremely high, because there were some said the Mod does not work ...
Now get a big trailer and a harvesting machine with big bunker
Removed unnecessary entries
Re-packed, without point ...
The mod has no log errors ...

I sat down again and got the yield Mod René (Diecki232) from the FS 15 brought in the new FS17.
Those who want more yield from the individual fruits or less seed is consumed, just needs to change the corresponding values in the Ertrag.lua.
desc.literPerSqm = 2 - indicates how much comes out when harvesting, twice in this case.
desc.seedUsagePerSqm = 12:08 - are used in quantities of seed.
Have fun with it...

Script: René (Diecki232)
Idee / Konzept: René (Diecki232)

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