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Income Mod v1.0
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Income Mod v1.0

Hello, this is the yield Mod René (Diecki232) I have only changed him seed consumption and adjusted capacity because I noticed some drops this a bit hard I hope some will have more fun with this amendment and must not reap half the Map a trailer to bekommen.Es is no own mod he is René (Diecki232), not that there are inconsistencies it is only modified.

Script: René (Diecki232)
Idee / Konzept: René (Diecki232)

  • Jumbo5747
    2016-11-23 15:22
    Thomas,Can you please put the translation in German and I can translate to English via the Translator, as the product description above is NOT UNDERSTANDABLE in any language, I have read it three or four times and cannot make sense of it - Thanks
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