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Islands from Vaszics v1.5
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Islands from Vaszics v1.5

Islands from Vaszics 1.5
Changes to 1.4 Hotfix4:
- For Storage1-2-3 storage units, charging and emptying the vehicle has been installed behind the silos. Several people have indicated that the trigger on the road interferes with the courseplay operation.
- The milk sales trigger has been installed in the city. It is marked on the map.
- Align the floating tractor with the parking object.
- Improving the internal structure of the map.
- Repairing PDAs.
- Smaller landscaping.
- Form and content improvement of liquid storage.
- Claas_Lexion_Pack mode has been added to the proposed basic machines (for a new game). The essence of this is that the combine harvester and the trailer can be connected directly to each other and the straw picking is solved directly, no follow-up mode is required. The cutting head is delivered with a tractor. This tractor will later be able to pull straw filled trailer.
- Smaller landscaping.
Further information:
The 1,2,7,9 fields are owned and the rest must be purchased.
Field 1 is used with grass.
The map is 4x.
Factory (33)
Trout_farm Kaviar Biofood Goose Rabbits Slaughterhouse Orchid_gardens Eggfarm Fruit_prosessing_plant Pallet Sawmill Cardboard Mills Oilmills Bakery Brewery Weberei Sugar_milk Distillery Cannery1 Greenhouse1 Packer Oil_field Forage_facrory PigFood_factory Slurry_processor Silage DryGrass Compost Fuel Fertilizer Liquid fertilizer
Store (23)
Fishwholesale Fishreatiltown Fishreatilvillage Coldstorewholesale Coldstoretown Coldstorevillage Grainport_trail Grainport_train KFC_town KFC_village Restaurant Restaurant_airport Balestorage Fruit_port Fruit_village Fruit_mountain Fuel_port Fuel_airport Grainmill_trail Grainmill_train Farmshop Powerplant
Import products, where it is possible to buy pallets and boxes for production as an import goods.)
Products (106
 Apple applecanned aviationfuel bakery banana bananaliqueur barley barleyflour beer blackbean boards bread cabbage cake carrot cartonsvapa cauliflower cauliflower2 chaff cherry cherrycanned coco coconuwhiterum compost cookingOil corn2 cornflour cotton dryGrass_windrow emptypalletsvapa fatteningFood fertilizer Fischmehl_KK Fischman FischMKKK forage fruitsugar fuel gooseFood gooseliver goosemeat grass_windrow gratedcoco HMIL hops jam juice KaviarKK lettuce liquidFertilizer liquidManure maize manure meat melon melon2 milk millet mmcandy motoroil muffin oat oil onion orange orangesyrup osternei pakura peanut pigFood plum plumcanned potato pumpkin pumpkin2 rabbitFood rabbitmeat rape redCabbage rice ripebanana rye saladMix sausage seed silage sorghum soybean spelled stoffrolleMK straw sudangrass sugar sugarBeet sugarCane sunflower tomato tomato2 triticale water wheat wheatflour whisky wood wool woodChips
The INPUT-OUTPUT information can be found in the Information field INPUT-OUTPUT file in the package (PDF and XLSX format).
For more information, see the enclosed guide (Guide1).
Good game.


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  • Vaszics
    2018-05-04 06:33
    Hi STUPID ASS!I'm so sorry to think that way.
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