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Islands V2.0
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Islands V2.0

Hello community ... now it is so far the islands is back. Much is as usual and much is new.

What's New?
Light switch pack - Niggels
Sawmill - kevink98
PalettenScript - Marhu
Factory Script - Marhu
BGA Silo - Building

You can turn on / off light in almost all halls and sub-floors. Also a workshop is installed in which you can illuminate the vehicle from below and configure. You have rather small devices in the beginning, the map is however suitable for medium to large devices and thought. A meadow near the cow house is also yours, which is fertilizerable and does not normally have to be plowed.
Trains for driving are not installed! Since I am still a forest fan, this part is again very strongly represented.
Missions you can make in the game are, of course, available ... unfortunately, the other farmers do not have so much experience with the soil processing, so they like to cross the edge or not ran to it ... But if the fields in your possession You can do it better: D
The board pallets are collected automatically and if you do not pick them up, they will automatically be sold.
All trees are, of course, repackable and you can change your landscape as you like.
Now I want to have fun with the map (the LOG error runs) !


  • Micw44
    2017-01-16 05:21
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