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IT Runner 2633 HD v1.0
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IT Runner 2633 HD v1.0

Here is exceptionally a mod I have not actually created for myself since 2633 HD was brought to me the desire for the modification of the original LS17 IT Runner.
I am well aware that some such a thing themselves can do and it is not hard basically. Several requests to lie down as well as that not all gamers are familiar with the subject of modding, and just for the people of this mod is meant. ;)
So if it can be something themselves, do not need to download the mod. ;)

Okay, what was done?
1) The IT Runner 2633 HD was separated from the IT RunnerPack so you among other things, the other double has not in the shop.
2) Workshop extension wider tires.
3) Workshop extension colored rims.
5) Illuminated license plate code, which was in accordance with US style created by me from scratch.

The mod has been tested Dedi in SP, MP and on and the log file is error-free.
And now I wish you as always a lot of fun with the mod.

Please note:
I can due to time being satisfy no further Modwünsche - sorry.

Best wishes

Modell: GIANTS
Textur: GIANTS
Script: GIANTS, Pandahma (Änderungen)
Idee / Konzept: GIANTS, Pandahma (Änderungen)
Tester: Pandahma

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