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ITR dock container v1.0
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ITR dock container v1.0

Huhu :)
Upon request, I have a dock container for the ITRunner system here. It consists of the base plate of wood container and the structure of Metaltech PP 20th
This mod has no real background and is more suitable for users who are traveling by HVAC systems like :)

Info Version 1:
Composition: Base plate: ITRunner, essay Metaltech PP 20
Sale price: 11,500 €
Daily cost: 5 €
Capacity: 28000 liters

Special features Version 1:
Selectable main color
Animated Überladeschnecke
No log errors
Works with COURSE PLAY

The MAN TGS HKL by the pictures can be found here:

Concerns that exist in version 1:
All hydraulic cylinders are missing but are still
The overcharge tube inserted in the base plate, otherwise it simply is too high (solution is worked out)

Sooo and now enjoy overcharging :)
Regards, Cougii
Btw: Suggestions / ideas are welcome, nagging is useless and will be ignored :)
PS2: No Re-host and so!

Modell: GIANTS, Cougii,
Texturen: GIANTS, Cougii
Tester Singleplayer: Cougii
Tester Multiplayer: KingQuantum, Cougii

  • Herk71
    2017-04-07 23:20 Send message
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    Hi would you be able to make an itrunner stock/cattle crate to transport animals please :)
  • Silviu1993
    2017-12-27 17:19 Send message
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    mod video here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yy-115Sma48
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