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ITRunner 2 v1.0
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ITRunner 2 v1.0

Hello LS 2017 players and players! Today have
I provided the ITRunner 2 V1.0 for you!
Here is the second generation of ITRunner!

In my team at the DEDI server, we do a lot
with wood! We asked ourselves if it was possible to get a
Or more hangers to pull with the ITRunner !?
With the help of a modder, he could give us the

2.Generation of the ITRunner!

What has been extended?
1) Rear hitch mounted!
In the shop to purchase!

2) Color selection was retained!

3) Tire selection added! Wide tire and
Agricultural sowing with purchase option possible!

4) Rim colors were purchased for purchase

5) Working lights at the back were also installed!

Can be purchased in the shop!

Successful testing on the original map,
Sosnovka as well as career and the DEDI server!
With this mod, you also have one more
Enrichment in the forest with the tribes!

About Mod:
Giants Editor: 7.1.0
NotePad ++
Patch 1.4.4

1) Update your graphics card
bring! Update Driver!

2) Patch: 1.4.4 is required!

3) Please, does not come to the idea of ??mod
Not, so I can not help you! But
You can give me the whole LOG file
Post or even PN to me! And only so
I can help you if problems

Download and copy to the mod folder!
Thank you Cougii, that you are our team and
Also to me in the realization of ITRunner 2
Helped and the time for this project
Testers and testers on the DEDI server:
Cougii, J_56, Susanne and Jorgene!
Thanks, for the time all of you for me
Took the DEDI server!
I thank you for your release of the
Photos from the DEDI server!
I wish you all a lot of fun and fun
Profitable income with the Mod!

Modell: Giants, Cougii, JüRGEN82
Textur: Giants, Cougii, JüRGEN82
Script: Giants, Cougii, JüRGEN82
Idee / Konzept: J_56, JüRGEN82
Tester: Cougii, J_56, Susanne, JüRGEN82

  • Silviu1993
    2017-08-14 23:39 Send message
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    MOD VIDEO HERE,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7A4uIu0ilk
  • A7g3000
    2019-11-14 03:11 Send message
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    nice mod
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