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ITRunner 2633 Trailer High Hitch Model v1.1
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ITRunner 2633 Trailer High Hitch Model v1.1

After the release of our Metaltech IT47 today. We decided that as the Augar Wagon will be used with the Forage Harvester that it was time for a itRunner Trailer with a High Hitch point so all wheels stay on the grouns. :-)

Here we present a new version of the 2633 HD trailer now featuring:
High level hitch. (Designed for use with
Under mounted PTO point to still allow connection to all tractors.
Color Optional Wheels.
Optional Spare mounted wheel.
Longer draw bar.
Animated controls for foot stands, unloading and tipping.

This is a simple mod but something we feel fits wheel with the itRunner Pack and our latest release the Metaltech IT47 Augar Wagon/Chaser Bin.
Multi-Player and Single Player Tested :-)
Log is Error Free.


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Original Model: Giants
New Modeling: GTX MODS
Texture: Giants
Idea / Concept: GTX MODS
Testing: GTX MODS

  • Great mod
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    Could you please make the ability to hook up multiple of these to each other? Back attacher for high and low please thank you.
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