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ITRunner Holzcontainer faltbar v2.0.0.2
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ITRunner Holzcontainer faltbar v2.0.0.2

The clever farmer is tired of using different ITRunner platforms for the transport of bales and forestry. In addition, the standard stakes are quite impractical for loading via wheel loaders or front loaders.

- Collision fixed

Therefore there is now the ITRunner wooden container with detachable stanchions. The stakes can be easily removed via keypad 7 and 9. For loading, the middle stacks can be removed (keypad 8 + keypad 7 or keypad 8 + keypad 9).
The platform is completely dyed (700 € surcharge) and has of course also tensioning straps installed.
Costs: € 9,000

Why uploaded?
Modden is fun, clear. But it also consumes a lot of time, nerves and energy. Uploaded remunerates 1000 downloads with 8 €, thus a minimal effort compensation (even if you often hours for a Mod needs, which then just once 8 €). If you want to support me in modding, please get an Uploaded Premium account from one of my download links or write me a private message. If you have problems with the download or if you can not afford an account just write me, then you will get another download link.

Modell: Giants / moep0710
Textur: Giants
Script: Sven777b / moep0710
Idee / Konzept: moep0710
Tester: moep0710
Sonstige: moep0710

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