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IVECO Concept v1.0
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IVECO Concept v1.0

The cost of the truck in the game, €: 269000
Truck service, € / day: 400
Engine power, hp: 440
The volume of the fuel tank, l: 1210

Kevin J Barton Конверт: UnimaxAkkord

  • Jake coventry
    2017-05-04 05:32
    what a piece of shit. looks like tony's fag work. that dude doesn't know his arse from his head.
  • Jake32
    2017-05-04 22:23
    Great work on the mod guys some guy called Aaron Dearth is clearly trying to land me in trouble but the twat forgot i'm already a member and only time i use the site is through my account
  • Jake32
    2017-05-04 22:45
    P.s - tonys mods are not shit there very good too use
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