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JCB 3000 Chip Tuned v1.0
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JCB 3000 Chip Tuned v1.0

PSA: You need to unzip the download in order to get both the tractor and frontloader!
This is a conglomeration of below-mentioned mods into what I find a useful and enjoyable tractor - hope you will too!
There are some minor clipping issues with the dual tires and frontloader, but nothing too serious in my opinion.
The chip tuned version has 350 power and 1.674 torque. In addition the dual tires has improved downforce in order to help with pulling heavy machinery out in the fields.

Model: Giants / Rysiu_77_ / Snottus
Texture: Giants / Snottus
Script: Giants
Idea / Concept: Snottus
Testing: Snottus

  • @wtf
    2017-05-25 00:39
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    sadly your the only ridiculous person as this combo setup does apply too every day real life farming
  • Ergerg
    2017-06-06 22:16
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