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JCB TM320s v1.0.0.0
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JCB TM320s v1.0.0.0

The JCB TM320s was completely disassembled and extended by me with Maya.
- free choice of colour
- Standart, Forest Tires or Tape Drive (normal or wide)
- Rundumleuchten
- Dynamic Hoses ((Rear) (DynamicHoses Script)
- IC control (doors)
- Yes after tires, there are the matching fender zb. Tape drive (none), Forestry (width), Standard (default)
- Choice between standard flashing lights and LED speed camera (light addon)
- Optional there is still a forest cage

Required Mods:
- LightAddon (By: Grisu118 - Vertexdezign)


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