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JD 2720 Disk Ripper JKIDD's Edit v1.0
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JD 2720 Disk Ripper JKIDD's Edit v1.0

Did a conversion of Lindbejb's 2720 Disk Ripper. Because we all know he wont.

- Fully Washable
- Particle Animations
- Ploughing Spec
- Realistic Load on Tractor

Yours truly JKIDD


  • Fuck joe
    2016-12-14 10:20
    Yep thank you and you know your right about Joe he thinks he is special, Well we all know he rode the short bus to school.
  • Joe can suck a dick
    2016-12-14 10:29
    that sob is about worthless as a tit on a bore hog
  • @guest
    2016-12-14 11:25
    fix the john deere 635 and JD2623VT
  • Jkidd
    2016-12-14 14:06
    2623vt is next ;)
  • Anonymous
    2016-12-14 15:25
    Oh Joe'll convert his shit I'm sure, and he'll put them up on his "patreon" website where people can pay him money for mods with error's and shit. Oh wait? Aren't we not supposed to sell our mods? Someone's getting FuctD..
  • Legend
    2016-12-14 17:43
    joe is legend
  • Anonymous
    2017-01-24 22:13
    This mod has no AI... fix it.
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