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JD Air Seeder Pack v1.0
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JD Air Seeder Pack v1.0

Air Seeder Model:  Knagsted
JD Air Cart Model: Knagsted
Textures: Knagsted & Jerrico
Flex Script:  JRBrown
FS 15 Seeder conversion and edit: killerrf
FS 15 Air cart conversion and edit:  CJWilksy
FS 15 Ingame testing: CJWilksy and killerrf
FS 17 conversion and testing:  CJWilksy
FS 17 auger animation and fill nodes:  812farmer


  • Fábio
    2016-11-28 22:34
    Thomas, congratulations on your work, I would only like wish your mods had more descriptions about the machines. Thanks!
  • Jim


    2016-11-29 01:01
    Thanks Thomas for this. Very good job on it man.
  • Aem?
    2016-11-29 03:55
    HA! AEM? bunch of whiny losers who quit modding years ago, nothing good has come out of AEM in a long time bunch cry babies whining about "stolen" mods lol
  • Lol


    2016-11-29 05:32
    hahahah pretty much sums it up ^^^
  • Houie
    2016-11-29 07:50
    i would like that tractor
  • Jdboy
    2016-11-29 09:46
    If everyone hates AEM so much and thinks our community is a bunch of trash, I'd like to know why our mods keep getting published like this.We don't like our mods going everywhere because we can't help fix problems everywhere. We know mods on americaneaglesmodding.com work because we test each and every one.This is not whining. This is called being a grown-up.Send your hatemail on AEM. I'm not reading it here.JDboy
  • Jokes
    2016-11-29 16:41
    literally the days of quality mods on AEM are long gone, joe and rafael bounced and it has been shit mods since.
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