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JD Farms version v1
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JD Farms version v1

This is my first mod so expect to see some problems. It is based on an american farm.

CBJ Midwest Modding

  • Terry
    2017-03-16 15:08
    where do u buy the fields from there is nothing showing u where to buy the fields
  • Plowboy45
    2017-03-16 21:10
    Looks like the map I've been looking for. (grew up in Kansas.) Big problem right off bat. I can't get any of the shed doors to open except the red barn shed. It shows O for opening the doors but it doesn't work on my download.? Also when I enter the pickup the horn starts blowing and doesn't stop. Also can't bring up the menu's. I have to close the task manager to get out of the game. Should all be simple fixes I hope. Thanks for all the work you have done and for sharing.
  • Chris
    2017-03-19 08:00
    When you go to fill seeders or fertilizers it wont let because for some reason the button that is tied to that is now tied to the fasten tension belts. but the normal fasten tension belts still works for that. so i was just wondering how hard this would be to fix? Otherwise like Terry said do we own all the fields or do we have to buy them?
  • Chris
    2017-03-19 08:01
    If so how are we supposed to do that. Few other small things but all in all a great map. If these few things get fixed i could see myself playing this all the time.
  • Cbj midwest modding
    2017-03-23 22:58
    Thanks for the CreditFrom the pictures it looks like one of the buildings is missing its texture (all white building). Make sure that the building is in your map folder and then import a new model and replace the one that is in your map with that new model.Craig - CBJ Midwest Modding
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