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JD R4045 v1.0
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JD R4045 v1.0

i take no credit for any part of making this mod. all i did was make some edits and add the tracks.
enjoy it, share it, edit it, re upload it, i don't care. just have fun with it, i know i do.

KMN Modding
Smith Modding

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just a player who feels mods should be shared and enjoyed by all

  • Rmckinney
    2017-01-14 23:08
    What map is that?
  • Linjebmodding
    2017-01-15 06:13
    Smith modding did not make this it was a stolen mod overlayed on the case patriot I released by Andrew.
  • Lol


    2017-01-15 15:39
    And another prima example right above this comment of the geniuses that visit this page.
  • Nameless
    2017-01-15 17:00
    map is on this very site...american farming, edited by myself
  • Nameless
    2017-01-15 17:04
    this project started when i came across this sprayer on modland with Smith Modding in the credits. i wasn't completely happy with it so i downloaded the 15 version from AEM done by braindead and kmn and used Smith Moddings as a reference and added the JD dry box along with other missing things it didn't have. i did some blender work on it myself and added tracks. if the credits aren't proper i apologize what is listed is the only names i could find attached to it in any way, shape or form.
  • John shilliday
    2017-01-15 20:28
    I love Joe!!!! I wish i could have his R4045 instead of the POS
  • Jake conventry
    2017-01-15 23:25
    joe is a piece of shit not worth your time. even his followers who have there lips glued to his dirty arsehole don't have his mods. they've been eaten that dudes shit for breakfast for how many years and still think they are gonna get something for it.
  • This comment section!!!
    2017-01-16 03:14
    HA HA HA!!!I LOVE DRAMA!!!This is hilarious.It is just a stupid game.You people act like your lives revolve around a computer simulation game.Two words.Grow up.Every single one of you.
  • Guest
    2017-01-16 18:49
    oh they realize it. they just hope if they kiss his dirty, stinky ass long enough he will release his mods. but as this jake dude said, they've been kissing his ass for years now and every FS game it's the same bullshit. he only releases a fraction of what he has and it's always the second rate crap he's done with. sad part is he actually think all these people are his fans when all they want is his mods.
  • John shilliday
    2017-01-16 19:18
    I wish i could be a patron of joes soooooo bad. Im just an obsessed fan lashing out in jealousy. Sorry for everyone who has to see my high school education and emotional development on display. I just love his mods soo much!-Johnb32xq
  • Name
    2017-01-17 03:23
    6.3 Mods created and uploaded by the Customer may only be made available to third parties free-of-charge and not for gain. Commercial use or use in return for payment is not permitted. It is prohibited to sell or otherwise exploit Mods commercially without the consent of GIANTS. Sure hope he does.
  • John shilliday
    2017-01-17 03:56
    good thing he gives his mods away for FREE! Man is legend!!!!!!! - Johnb32xq
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