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Jeep 1972 v1.0
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Jeep 1972 v1.0

Hello one more time farmers
Here I present a new modification jeep_1972
Is not 100% complete but fully functional XD
The interior is not nice yet
Has lights
Has a footprint on the wheels
Has fastening bands
2 types of tires to choose
and more
Wait for more updates for this mods
I always have many hours of work, have fun
If they find some error leave it in the comments


  • Blake
    2017-05-27 22:21
    awesome awesome awesome! Ive been waiting for an older jeep mod forever! i drive an older jeep every day as my daily driver. however i have one major complaint, the rear seat! jeeps have a single rear bench seat in the back that faces forward. the twin rear inward facing seats that you have are from the older Toyota FJ40s if you fixed this minor detail these would be awesome!
  • Zzzzz
    2017-05-28 00:41
    modhub.us links please the link sites posted are full of virus's/malware & im looking for an old jeep for FS17 that looks like a 1958 willys & this is close enough.
  • Please !!
    2017-05-28 01:19
    make the jeep willys !!! plz !
  • Faelandaea
    2017-05-28 01:31
    @Blake - Military versions of this Jeep at the time did have this configuration. ... @ZZZZZ, I agree about 2 of the sites but Sharemods is just fine and I have no issues with that one. Use it.
  • Xxxx
    2017-05-28 10:49
    merci pour se partage
  • Plz read
    2017-05-29 02:44
    I have a nice duramax but it needs some fixing you can release it to the public if you want
  • Blake
    2017-05-29 17:56
    @FAELANDAEA got any pics to back that up? because this mod is very clearly based on a CJ5, which its self is based on the military M38a1, which as i said has a singular front facing rear seat. i have never seen a Jeep branded vehicle military or civilian with dual inward facing rear seats.
  • Vegueta
    2017-06-01 18:00
    BLAKE pasate por mi pagina te tengo una sorpresa!!https://masmodsfs17.wordpress.com/
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