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J&M 1412 v1
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J&M 1412 v1

I found this mod for FS 15 and converted it to 17 i have no clue who made it just putting that out there.

Model: someone?
Script: someone?
Idea / Concept: someone?
Testing: someone?
Other: MJD Farms for Converting it to 17

  • Pooopface
    2016-10-31 01:01
    Nice conversion but the unloading auger discharge is coming out the side of the spout and not actually out of the auger.
  • Response to mr uhm poop
    2016-11-02 03:33
    Easy to fix.Nice way to learn to start modding.Get into it and dive face forward and you'll learn.
  • Johndeereman
    2017-01-11 21:18
    Thank you!!! i spent a whole night trying to convert this but i found a working one.
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