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JOHN DEERE 3030 frontloader v1.1
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JOHN DEERE 3030 frontloader v1.1

hello once more farmers
I present a new modification JD 3030 v1.1 frontloader
Contains no errors in the registry and is fully functional

The errors of version 1.0 are already corrected
Some details fail but they will be corrected soon
The tractor is functional

store data
name: JD 3030 2530 3035
power 130
maxSpeed 30

++ is washable
++ has lights
++ has a footprint on the wheels

If they find a bug  leave it in the comments please
As always many hours of work, I hope and have fun


  • Robin
    2017-02-19 23:10
    frontloader attacher is not showing on the tractor. good mod then.
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