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John Deere 4020 v2.0
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John Deere 4020 v2.0

From its humble beginnings in FS13 the JD 4020 has gone through many edits but not like this. This edit of the tractor has a 40 series cab, fixed 3point, and working turn signals.

Original Author - Unknown Editor/s - Various

  • Silviu1993
    2017-11-29 10:06
    mod video here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcCbTeynr3g
  • Oliver
    2017-11-29 15:14
    pourquoi un 4020,avec une cabine sg2 ???
  • Jummy
    2017-11-29 15:54
    Why the fuck is there a sound guard cab on a 4020???????WHAT THE HELL
  • Click here for more info!
    2017-11-29 19:31
    https://goo.gl/GqBNP4How about do some research before opening mouth and inserting _______ Never seen before, yes, but 10 secs of searching found this.
  • 100% creativity
    2017-11-29 19:33
    I'd give this modder 100% for creativity, and yes there are real tractors that have been MODIFIED with other tractor parts.
  • @click here
    2017-11-29 23:31
    Yes, I know in real life some new generation tractors have had a sound guard cab fitted to them, but its so fucking ugly when they do, so before YOU go around acting like the damn king of fuck land that knows "EVERYTHING" maybe shut up and think that other people know what is real in life or not....(Also learn some proper English grammar)
  • Gord
    2017-11-30 08:44
    Jummy Yes there are BRILLIANT farmers out there that can do almost anything to a tractor. If something is needed but does not exist, a good farmer will build it from scratch. America, Europe, where ever they are. The ten and twenty series John Deere tractors were notoriously loud. Why not put a better cab on one. Thank you very much for the download. @CLICK HERE, GROW UP AND LEARN TO BE WRONG.
  • Gord
    2017-11-30 08:52
    I want to know how many people comment on here. 3 guys with many different user names I'm betting. I say this because there just can't be that many childish people all the time making stupid comments. Happy holidays to all of you, and of course, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MOST OF YOU.
  • Shit
    2017-12-03 06:18
    it's shit compared to giants or anyones really
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