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John Deere 4760 v1
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John Deere 4760 v1

Rear duals or single rear wheels
clean log

Please do not edit and upload without credit any problems tell me in the comments.


  • Csx68
    2017-06-04 05:11
    so you basicly stole it credits ross w.
  • Pls


    2017-06-04 12:16
    is there a 4wd version?
  • @csx68
    2017-06-04 14:37
    When everyone that builds new stuff does that then all this retards will have is the crap uploaded to this page. Go private stop your crying all over the net. If you are not smart enough to figure it out that crying about it doesn't work then just give up all together.
  • Cades113
    2017-06-04 17:35
    4WD coming soon
  • Ross w.
    2017-06-05 02:18
    CADES113. This is my damn mod. You need to put credits for my work in there. And before you even think about making a 4wd version ask me. This is ridiculous. You can't just make edits and re-upload them without asking the mod author. Now I'm fine with you making your own edits, but at least just put my name in the damn credits and ask me first before you release it. Now I'd like you to put my name in the credits now and say the version is edited of mine or something. Good day.
  • Thefarmerbob
    2017-06-05 02:32
    pice of crap you stool Ross W. 4760 and made a bunch of crappy edits
  • Name
    2017-06-05 03:07
    Ross W. 4760 is better then this crap and don steal.
  • Hingtgenfarms
    2017-06-05 04:50
    CADES113 Please give Ross credits and ask him please. That would be great thank you.
  • Ross w.
    2017-06-05 05:29
    Yeah sorry CADES113. I was a little fed up in the comments above. I had just been banned from a facebook page and I didn't have a clue what I did. Then I saw this and I came on a little strong. Yes all I'm asking for is credits and asking me for permission before you upload edits of my mods. I hope you can forgive me. And can't wait to see how that 4wd turns out :)
  • Cades113  @ross w.
    2017-06-05 19:43
    Hey sorry for not asking for permission tbh i didnt know whos mod this was to begin with,im not trying to steal your work or anything i just thought that some people would enjoy the edited version as i did i did not mean to upset anyone :)
  • Jonny wishbone
    2017-06-05 22:07
    Anyone arguing over the rights of ownership of this mod, are like Dung Beatles arguing over a TURD !!
  • Name
    2017-06-05 22:55
    Totally off from the real thing. Plus you stole it from Ross W. you sack of shit!
  • Ross w. @cades & @american
    2017-06-05 23:31
    Thanks for the apology and sorry for my outburst in return. Now A REAL AMERICAN. On my original mod, I did give credits to all who made models. The two main ones were Knagsted and FraserCow. Knagsted made all the little bits and pieces and FraserCow made the body of the mod. So yes, I did give them credit. But I put a whole ton of work into the sounds, building the mod from those pieces, coding everything, and fixing things with it, so yeah.
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