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John Deere 6000 Series 4cyl v1.0.0
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John Deere 6000 Series 4cyl v1.0.0

This is the John Deere 6000 4 cyl, (i.e. 6100-6400, 6110-6410) all with correct horsepower and diffrent configurations.
It’s not my mod, but i converted it and cutt off all the multiple materials on one model. I drawed the molcon twinwheel connectors.
I know, it’s far, far from being perfect, but fs19 is coming already.
I dont have time to draw a proper model, and not enough time to improve it really but as noone really properly converted this one i did.
IF you want improve it, (really improve, no shit) upload as v1.1 INCLUDING a changelog.

What’s included:
Different tire configurations (Trelleborg, MIchelin)Different frontloader configurations
Different engine configurations
Different rim configurations
Different design configurations (SE, or normal)
Different fender configurations
Optional front linkage
Horrible sound
Enjoy the mod!


  • Sturdy
    2018-03-21 17:17
    Warning: i3d contains non-binary indexed triangle sets: H:/karty/mods/FS17_JohnDeere6000Series/molcon/molcon.i3dWarning: Invalid front-axis joint '0' in 'H:/karty/mods/FS17_JohnDeere6000Series/JohnDeere6410.xml'
  • Sturdy - the scumhub tester
    2018-03-21 22:31
    as above
  • Silviu1993
    2018-03-24 08:43
    mod video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53j1LIBhOOE
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