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John Deere 612C v1.0.0.0
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John Deere 612C v1.0.0.0

I remodeled the quite a bit of the head and retextured it all. And added led lights to it.
Error free for me.
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  • Sturdy
    2018-09-20 11:39
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    Error: Can't load resource 'data/vehicles/store/brand_caseIH.dds'.
  • Sturdy
    2018-09-20 11:42
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    brand picture error
  • Wulfgar_4111
    2018-09-20 18:17
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    i would love to learn how to do mods, it has always intrigued me. i should not have no problem but i have tried and i cant get the hang of it on my own would love to learn
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