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John Deere 6135R - 6250R WIP v2.1
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John Deere 6135R - 6250R WIP v2.1

John Deere 6R Series MW: 6135R 6145R 6155R LW: 6175R 6195R 6215R HD: 6230R 6250R Front Loader H480

I now provide you with a revised version of my John Deere 6R.
- Engine hood changed
- Added tire configurations
- Steering console slightly adjusted
- Color changed a little
- added more models

I've tried a bit to fulfill your wishes, but I still have some ideas for the future of the 6R, so there are still updates ...
Until then have fun with this pack and write suggestions and possibly mistakes in the comments.


  • Jbm


    2018-03-14 20:39
    Unable to convert the file from rar to zip. Plz don't use rar for future.I really would like to use this mod...
  • Blacky
    2018-03-15 01:51
    i lke rar file better then zip-files zip files don't work for my computer then rar files does
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