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JOHN DEERE 6250R v2.1
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JOHN DEERE 6250R v2.1

All Textures changes
New Texture on mask with new dirt
Improved steering panel model and added new steering wheel!
Improved mask scale
Improved front axle position
New Grill (More Realistic)
Added Dynamic Hose (Front and Rear!)
Added more realistic power to engines and added one on chip, up to 290hp!
Fixed lights and beaconlights position
Frontloader Console Configuration (JD Frontloader is inside pack, you don’t have to unpack!)
Corrected Attacher Configurations
2 X Weight Option to choose and Laforge FH
Corrected All Tires Configuartions
New Michelin and Trelleborg tire texture
New Interactive Control Buttons
New Interactive Control Animations
Foldable FH (With IC)
Added Foldable Warning Signs (With IC)
Added RDA in Wheels (With IC)
GPS Starfire (With IC)
Animated wiper (With IC)
Fenders on button (With IC)
Foldable Steering Column (With IC)
Door and Back window animation (With IC)
Openable door also from outside
Corrected Hydraulic (Front and Rear!)
Added engine block in front section
Dynamic exhaust (New Realistic Script)
Indoor Sounds
All animated indoor inndicators
Corrected Camera Position
Beifahrer/Passenger Script
Better optimization in the game
Corrected log errors, it is clean now!

Model: Palette
Texture: Palette/TechMod
Script: Palette
Idea / Concept: Palette/Vasilisvasilis31
Testing: Palette/Vasilisvasilis31/TechMod
Other: Palette

  • Silviu1993
    2017-12-24 19:39
    mod video here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJItqvDhGAo
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