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John Deere 650 - Grain Wagon
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John Deere 650 - Grain Wagon

This is a Grain Wagon/Auger Wagon for farming simulator 2017, I found this and converted it all propes to Reaper9111 and Giants for this mod. IT CAN NOT be filled by a silo (I am working on that if you know how to add it please let me know).

Price: $85,000
Capacity: 45000 L
Requires 162 kW/ 220 hp


  • Jakerrr
    2016-12-17 07:08
    Please let me know of any bugs , and I will do my best to fix them.Please let me know if you know how to turn on the ability to put grain in from a silo.
  • @jakerrr
    2016-12-17 09:37
    i see a error not a enough of john deere convert the round balers over
  • @jakerrr
    2016-12-17 11:56
    to many errors and lua call stacks start over
  • Jakerrr
    2016-12-17 17:55
    Thanks for the feed back, and I know there isn't a lot of John Deere and that's what I want I want John Deere, I am new to all of this and I am going to do my best to learn and try to sort everything out.
  • Kansasfarm
    2016-12-18 11:07
    Wont unload, no fill type displayed in hopper, rendering issue with rear lights.
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