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John Deere 7R series 2011 Europe v1.1.1
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John Deere 7R series 2011 Europe v1.1.1

Hi Guys, Here is my John Deere 7R series, is a beta version with many improvements to make, and many features not yet implemented, but it is good enough.

Change log JD7R Europe version MoreRealistic 1.1.1.Mr:
- Improve some textures and details on tractors.,
- Removed error Mp, BeaconLightevent;
- Added IC to activate the differentials and 4WD;
- Removed IC BeaconLight Command;
- Correct Mr. weight, on the H480 tools;
- Changed the Specular texture on the H480;
- Added the pallet fork with adjustable spikes AB12G;
Performed MP tests, clean log both MP and SP

To avoid comments on the defects, I know them, and as I said, it's just a beta version, I now offer you as a picolo Christmas present.
Main features of the mod:
- Realistic dimensions and weight;
- Realistic sound;
- fully animated;
- Complete control with InteractiveControl, new generation, (also outdoors and before getting into the tractor), new script by Martin Fabik.
- Real sound of the cooling fan, typical for this series; new script by Martin Fabik.
- 3D model changes and improves in detail;
- Large selection of tires with original sizes for the series;
- rubber track, Zuidberg originals;
- cabin, driving position and dynamic camera;
- Adjustable indoor camera;
- External mirrors, adjustable in 3 directions with the mouse;
- complete set of rear ballast with variable weight depending on the type; new script from Mogli.
- Original front ballast dedicated to mod;
- Frontloader H480 only compatible with mod, with DynamicHoses support;
- Third point attack, dynamic;
- Tool support with DynamicHoses;
- Basic equipment for the H480 front loader with Cat.2 coupling
- Integrated transmission-compatible transmission, set by Mogli;
- Automatic activation of windscreen wiper wiper;
- Variable internal sound with opening doors and sounds of the tailgate;
- Other features that I let you discover ...
- It is important to know that the setting is only suitable for the MoreRealistic Mod!
the use of the latest version Gearbox and MRmod is recommended.
Gearbox: https://github.com/Mogli12/GearboxAddon
MoreRealist: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_iAIcwiFq-bNE40TDFoMGQ5Z3M
The log file is clean both local and MP.
Thanks to friends who have contributed in particular to Appaloosa and MarcoLS for the MP tests.
Thanks to Mogli and Martin Fabik for scripts!
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Prohibited any use of components and sharing of mods (texture-i3d-sounds);
The scripts belong to the legitimate authors and to their use read the conditions contained therein and always quote the authors!

This mod is only available on Modhoster.de and can not be offered in other forums for download. No shares about the changes of any kind!
This mod is only available on Modhoster.com, and may not be available on other forums for download. No shares on the changes of any kind!
Is forbidden to change download link !!!
Is forbidden to change download link !!!
E 'vietato cambiare download link !!!
John Deere 7R series 2011 Europe Ago-modding is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License internazionale.
Based on a work at https://www.facebook.com/ago.systemtech.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at https://www.facebook.com/ago.systemtech

Modell: Ago-Modding
Textur: Ago-Modding
Script: Ago-Modding, Mogli, Martin Fabik, Alex2009, Xentro,JoXXer,STv,Modding-fruktor,Manuel Leithner
Idee / Konzept: Ago-Modding
Tester: Appaloosa, MarcoLS, Andre

  • Silviu1993
    2018-01-03 20:05
    mod video here..............https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgI-TfKsczE
  • Sdl


    2018-01-03 20:21
    bourré erreur stuffed error
  • Roy


    2018-01-04 01:14
    when I bought a 7r tractor that I extracted and it pops up with a message zzz drive control missing, any ideas how to fix. it is a good tractor like it
  • Ago's deere is shit
    2018-01-05 15:44
    I've seen way better. This is shit. Model is shit.
  • Adde
    2018-01-05 20:05
    This isnt MR,in the ingame shop it doesnt show it as MR.Dont download if ur playing with MR mod,it doesnt work.
  • Im using ur parts
    2018-01-07 03:23
    Im going to use ur parts without asking for permission just cause of the bullshit "license" you tried to put on it.
  • Fix it
    2018-01-07 18:01
    fix the bug with ingame cam issue when seatet on the passenger seat and can't go back to driver seat
  • Sebastian
    2018-01-09 17:41
    this is so cool i like it so much good mod
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