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JOHN DEERE 8000i v2.0
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JOHN DEERE 8000i v2.0

* New skin and dirt
* New lights
* New engine power
* Enhanced animation
* Fixed rotation of fasteners in all milling machines
* Solid chaff animation
* New tires added

- Full washable
- Joystick Animation
- Interactive Control (IC)
- animated door, steering column, tilt mirror (IC)
- Pipe lights
- Fuel indicator (clock and hectare counter are located on the right screen)
- Zurn Trailer
- And more

Most Sinister, Marthu, Srebor

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    2017-07-19 13:18
    Wrong archiveUnexpected end of archive
  • You know it
    2017-07-19 17:34
    for those who want this stack this file againts the one I am posting this file is half of what it should be but anyways here a good one to download http://uploadfiles.eu/fgv2b3v2h335/FS17_JohnDeere8000iV2.zip.html
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